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Bonoful Foundation is a Non-Government Non-Political and Human based organization has implementing the social development activities which started from Social Welfare Department, The base of Bonoful Foundation on Gourighona of Keshabpur Upazila situated the Eastern side of Jessore district and closest of Khulna district. The following areas was water logged in long duration, the human being and livelihoods of the areas are in serious vulnerable. People led their daily family life very tidily.  The water logging also created another avenue of large-scale shrimp farming in the region. Shrimp farming again reduced the scope of daily employment of the day labourers. In this compelling situation, quite a number of people became homeless and many of them migrated from the area. Migration resulted in family disintegration, sexual exploitation, child labour, child abuse & trafficking and social-ills of the kind. Some women compelled to be involved in hoarding and smuggling in managing the livelihood. Their employers even sexually exploit these women. Many children are also associated with this trade of black-marketing. These practices had further provoked women and child trafficking in the area.In the worst situation Bonoful Foundation has implemented its program on the above areas. The program is Pre Primary & Adult Education, Health & Nutrition, STD/AIDS, Disable Development, Women & Child Abuse & Trafficking, Water & Sanitation, Vocational Training, Anti Tobacco, Environment Conservation, Climate Change and Risk Reduction, Human resource development, Gender Women Development, Handicrafts Development, Emergency Relief Program etc.

Ongoing Program:

> Pre-primary education Program
> Drinking Water and Sanitation Program
> Disable development program
> Primary Health Care, Neutration, STD/HIV, AIDS
> Gender Development Program
> Prevention of woman and child trafficking
> Anti Tobacco Program
> Disaster Management
> Climate Change
> Relief program

Pre Primary & Adult Education:
Bonoful Foundation implementing its primary program in the same areas of its exiting office setup at   Gourighona Union under Upazila of Keshabpur which is situated in severely affected waterlogged area of Jessore district. School going children doesn’t going to the government free primary school due to water logged and unwaged situation. Bonoful Foundation is operating 5pre-primary school program in several areas of the Gourighona Union. 

Primary Health Care, Neutration, STD/HIV, AIDS
Bonoful Foundation have been providing services to the community through mobile clinic in the project area with a view to pay relief to the disadvantaged and poor groups to minimize their sufferings directly. In this sector there are trained paramedics, nurses and part time doctors are there with a pre schedule field visit at the doorstep of the beneficiaries. In case of emergency the mobile clinic is available to sift the patient to the govt./private clinic. Regular health awareness session at group level is a regular program of Bonoful Foundation where especially health issues of mother and child is taken care of and follows up by the health worker is done. In the immunization camp the organization arrange all sorts of support to the medical team and technician to make the immunization camp successfully. The posters, leaflets, stickers are distributed among the group members to aware them with the update information and follow the same in the daily life on different issues of health. To aware the group members of nutrition food value and practices in cooking the same is also done by our health workers which is followed up by the part time Nutritionist. Moreover our group members are provided with credit to develop kitchen gardening to meet the required nutrition food of the community. Organization is also raising poultry firm, milking cow and goats, fisheries project at micro level to meet the required nutrition of the community. Bonoful Foundation also include the primary health care issues for women and children in the education curriculum in the formal and non-formal education program in the community to take the preventive measures by the beneficiaries and to take immediate step in case of emergency. Personal hygiene issues are being checked up especially for school children by the health worker through school teacher in the area. Post natal and anti natal care is a regular program where Bonoful Foundation have been providing services with name and fame in the area.

Mother and Child Health Care:
The program is being implemented on voluntary basis. Regular MCH education are being imparted a on the group members. One paramedic was part time engaged for rendering services on primary treatment. In the case of complicated disease patients are referred to government hospital. Primary health care information especially preventive side is also being disseminated among the group members through group members.

HIV/AIDS Prevention:
Since 2007 Bonoful Foundation has been running a program of STD/HIV/AIDS prevention. Bonoful Foundation is working in the field of prevention of HIV/AIDS among. Sex workers, drag users, transport workers and internal / external migrant labor in Keshabpur Upazila under Jessore District.

Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation:
In rural/tribal areas of Bangladesh, generally the people do not use pure drinking water and water sealed latrines. As s result different water borne diseases spread out and attacks the people and skills lot of valuable lives every year at undue period. Considering the importance S.S has been implementing pure drinking water supply and sanitation programs in the project areas. With the assistance of local elite, Bonoful Foundation has installed 50 sets low cost hygienic water sealed latrine at the premises of 150 beneficiaries for improving the sanitation facilities and to reduce incidence of water borne disease in the area. In addition total 13 tube wells have been installed in the project area for ensuring safe drinking water supply among the group member’s community people. The activities of Bonoful Foundation is School Program on Water & Sanitation, Training on Sanitation & Pure water, Slab ring distribution, Tube well set distribution & Installation, Staff orientation, Community Management Workshop, Construction of Hygienic Latrine, etc.

Disable Development Program:
Bonoful Foundation has initiated this program in Keshabpur upozila under Jessore district of Bangladesh with the general fund of the organization. A list of 270 nos. of disable is prepared. Out of 127 disable are the direct beneficiaries of Bonoful Foundation. At present they and their guardians are being provided motivational support Bonoful Foundation tacked the people the disabilities in it’s on going development programs like  education, health and nutrition. A team of trained 1 staff members are involved in disable rehabilitation program. The executive director of  Bonoful Foundation is very interested to maintain liaison and network with the likeminded people who are dedicated to rehabilitation the people with disabilities.

Gender & Women Development:
For promoting economic rights and control over resources for ensuring their participation in decision making process, Bonoful Foundation has been implementing “Women Development Program”. Meanwhile total 952 distresses and powerless women have been organized into 22 awareness groups for their development. Organized groups have regular meeting, raising savings fund and issue based dissuasion and education. In the meantime Bonoful Foundation has imparted both human and skills development training for their empowerment in socio economic upliftment. In addition Bonoful Foundation has imparted functional education to 445 beneficiaries for increasing their functional skills in literacy and numerically along with socio economic capacity building. For alleviation of poverty Bonoful Foundation has extended credit support to 265 beneficiaries for promoting their economic rights through regular income by their active involvement and participation. Out of the said program improvement is found among the organized distresses and powerless women in terms of personal relationship, confidence development to change their own situation. Group dynamism and enhancement of savings habit, leadership development as well as exercising participatory values and women’s participation in development process are being ensured through confidence building, empowerment and human resources development.

Social Forestry:
Bonoful Foundation is very much alert on foods timber crisis. Not only to recovery the cruises, is the organization also aware about green house effect. For both sides coverage Bonoful Foundation has introduced the social forestry program in the locality. Fruity trees are given priority in plantation under social forestry program. In each year many saplings are raised for plantation through group members. Under direct supervision of Bonoful Foundation experience staffs. There are large of saplings are planted on different species and 85% of there are survived.   ­­­­

Anty Tobacco Program:
Bonoful Foundation really a anti tobacco and try to Rally establishing tobacco free environment & movement, Campaign, Leaflet distribution, Day Observation, Memorandum Submission, Assessing with  Mobile Court for Anti Tobacco. Bonoful Foundation always coordinating with local administration for operating anti tobacco champing & movement.

Climate Chang & Risk Reduction:
Seminar, Workshop, Leaflet, Memorandum submission, Public gathering & rally, Lobby meeting with civil society, Awareness meeting with risky areas community of the South-East part of the region and AILA affected areas of Khulna & Satkhira District.

Emrgency Relife Program:
Bonoful Foundation has emphasized on disaster preparedness and management components both for pre and post situation of disaster as the working areas are disaster prone. Draught, over flood, tornado etc. are the main disaster are found repeatedly in this area community peoples from different sectors are included for disaster preparedness and management committee. Local government administration is also involved in this program. Out of achievement the following main issues are remarkable for post situation of disaster. For restoring the normal life situation of the severally flood affected families on the project area, Bonoful Foundation with the local and elite persons contribution undertook post flood rehabilitation program for rehabilitation of the flood victim families. Under this program pulse seeds, vegetable seeds as well as cash for agriculture rehabilitation have been distributed. Apart from it, paddy seeds have also been distributed among the flood victim families with cash amount for agricultural rehabilitation. Besides, 20 flood affected families have been benefited out of most needs NFI distribution, and 45 flood affected families have also been benefited out of house repairing under this program.

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