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Discussion started by Omar Khan 4 years ago

If anyone interested on BI and BA applications and it's usage, please feel free to ask me. 

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Omar Khan
Omar Khan
Hi Dilwar,

Sorry for the delayed response. Lets talk about the Credit Bureau first... It's a easy one. I know for sure Equifax is a heavy Cognos BI user. Everyone that has a bank account, credit card or some kind of connection with a back, their info can be stored in a database like Oracle or SQL server or in any other DB. Every month, banks and other financial institutions will send the report to the bureau on their customers usage behavior. Based on that data you can develop Cognos BI reports which can help to determine user's credit score. And I believe that algorithm to determine credit score can be developed and implemented in in Cognos using Cognos SDK.

For your other 2 objectives.... I an not too sure, because I guess the terms (CPV and KYC) might have a different name here or I am not familiar with. But that said, BI applications are being used in every banks and financial institutions all over north america. They produce their statements, their forecasting, their internal financial reporting and for almost every kinds of reporting. Bottom line is.... if you have a need to generate any kind of report and the data is stored in a Database, BI is your best and fastest solution.

Hope it helps. Please feel free to let me know if you need further info.

Omar K
4 years ago
Dilwar H. Choudhury
Dilwar H. Choudhury
Hi Omar,
Delighted to have the response. We have the following objectives in mind:
Banks in Bangladesh need data / information base for their two urgent needs: a) "Contact Point Verification "(CPV) of credit card users and consumers credit debtors.
b) Also they need tools for "Know your Customer ( KYC) to establish customer transaction profile. Every bank has its unique way of managing these needs but not always compliant with regulatory needs.
Banks are looking for some kind of uniform and reliable information solution.

Similarly retailers and cell phone providers, Life Insurance Companies need a broader analysis of customers/ users behavior pattern , consumption habits etc. Honestly, for 160 million people in Bangladesh there is no reliable tool available to cater these needs.

Me and my associates teamed up to set up a Credit Reference Bureau ( Like that of Experian / Equifax / TransUnion ). Due to the absence of specific law permitting such activity we were unable to achieve this objective. Financial institutions active in Credit Card and Consumer Credit are longing for such a platform.

However, if we process data in any other manner and meet the lending organization's need we do not have to face the restrictions.

Based on how far I was able to answer your questions I can further elaborate our business plan.

Dilwar Choudhury
4 years ago
Omar Khan
Omar Khan
Hi Dilwar, it sounds like a great initiative. I am working with Business Intelligence solutions for last 8 years now. I worked for IBM as a BI consultant and during that time I have seen many banks (including Bank of America, Bank of Canada, RBC, TD Bank, CIBC and may other big banks) )and financial institutions using IBM Cognos BI application for their daily reporting needs.

In your case, if you can give me some more details on exactly what kind of services you are thinking of providing to your future clients, I might be able to tell you how you can use BI & BA applications to achieve your goal.

4 years ago
Dilwar H. Choudhury
Dilwar H. Choudhury
I am a banker and independent consultant. Myself and a group of my associates would like to set up an outfit in Bangladesh to provide information solution to : Banks, Financial institutions, Credit Card Issuers, Mobile phone service providers to name a few.
Can any one provide details of how to assimilate the software base for this purpose.
I wonder if such services comes under the scope of BI & BA.
4 years ago

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